How it works:

With MailWriter you easily send out a single letter or a complete mailing.

By using the MailWriter format your addresses will be in the right position for our window envelope. Does your PDF contain multiple letters? No problemo! In this case simply enter the number of pages per recipient and MailWriter will insert every letter in a separate envelope.

Would you rather just use an address file? Just upload your letter and your address file and MailWriter takes care of the rest.

Start sending...

max 30MB
Use our MailWriter format preview to find the right address location in your letter.

the number of pages per receiver must be equal.

Select the region of the most remote destination use the map to select the correct region.

Add recipients +10 ct per recipient

use an address file

This file must be exactly equal to our address template.

Add addresses one by one

Remove address

Return address


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Example. You have 4 letters in a PDF file with the MailWriter format. Your PDF contains 8 pages and the number of pages per recipient is 2.

Step 1 You upload a PDF of 8 pages with the MailWriter format


Step 2 You enter 2 as the number of pages per recipient, MailWriter splits the letters


Step 3 The letters are put into envelopes which are then stamped and sent out


One moment please....